What Is Barcovan PGA Junior League Golf?


This is a fun, interactive opportunity for boys and girls aged 16 and under to learn and enjoy the game of golf. A  minimum age of 9 years old is suggested, experience is necessary. An assessment will be completed by Coach Linda or Coach Paul for any youth under the suitable age. 


The concept of the league is set up similar to any other recreational sports team, there will be 10-12 participants play on each team. It will be a scramble format which creates learning, team environment both on and off the golf course.


The main focus of this program is to have fun, recreational involvement, good health, and sportsmanship. This program acts as a feeder system for recreational youth golfers into more competitive golfing endeavors. 


How Does Barcovan PGA Junior League Golf Work?


Format includes:  24 PLAYERS -12 on each Team - Last year Team Blue VS Team Purple


  • 2 vs 2 

  • Scramble Format

  • The goal is to play as many holes as we can- we are at the tee at 4:30 and horn blows at 6:00, wherever you are you finish and come in and total up points.

  • There is also an individual competition that runs throughout the year based on matches played


Match Scoring:


As in traditional match play, each hole is won by the team with the lowest score on that specific hole. 


  • Each Match has team points at stake 

  • 4 Matches X points =  points at stake in a Competition

  • The team that wins most points is winner of the Competition

  • This is RECREATIONAL golf, Ties are a win/win for all involved! Treat them that way!


Parent & Volunteer Involvement


PGA Junior League, as in most other recreational youth sports programs, was designed to have parents and other volunteers assisting in the administration of Team Competitions.


Parents are needed for:


  • Scorekeepers

  • Encouraging, Cheering, and being supportive of your PGA JLG Team; however, unless they are officially

  • involved in the competition, they must stay on the cart path or in the rough



Open to the first 24 - 28 players registered.



TBA for 2020

Time   4:30-6:15, warm up on the range 3:45 with instruction , Be at first tee by 4:20


Cost $150.00 + HST - Team Shirts will be provided and will need to be worn on league night.


Please call or email to register (613) 475-2155 or barcovan@



Snag - Start New at Golf

 Ages 5-10 Years  - 
5-week program  



Over the past 10 years snag golf has built a premier learning system recognized by PGA professionals around the world as the superior method to teach golf fundamentals in a fun and easy way.  Snag golf is an exciting coaching and skills development program for boys and girls between the ages of 5 -10.  The SNAG system contains age-appropriate equipment and programming to effectively teach the game of golf to kids of all ages and ability levels in exploring the sport of golf. Coach Linda Shephard and Paul Hussey  Will provide all SNAG equipment for the children. 


Space Limited to the first 8-10 Participants


Dates TBA for 2020

COST $99.00+HST

Barcovan Golf Club was awarded the Beginner Friendly Course Certification. Barcovan has been identified as having exemplary programs for new golfers, with a commitment to creating and growing new players.

Barcovan Golf Club was awarded the Walking Friendly Course Certification. Barcovan has been identified as a great course to be able to walk and enjoy the course at a pace that is not only enjoyable but picturesque.

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